WE ARE A TEAM - together for the best

Our work begins with a visit, random, organized, programmed, request or by reference doesn’t matter: since the moment we have known each other we will do everything to continue collaborating with you in the best way as possible making available our knowings, all our partners’ technical support and our seriousness that has always being our pride and we want it to be alike in future. [...]
Technical meeting
If from the meeting originated a request for materials or a intervention, the first thing that we do is to speak together with you to consider time, quantity and quality of the material to use for your specific need. [...]
Technical support
At this point, established the kind of work to be done, we personally engage our partner’s technical offices, inform about what is required and together we consider the best solution to be implemented in base of their multi-year experiences and the continous innovation of products. [...]
Material's Choice
Together with our partners we choose which products to offer. All our products are supplied in Quality’s Warranty. If requested every single lot con be tested to garantee you the perfect technical correspondence of the product reported on our data sheets. [...]
If requested and in case of some important works we would provide a complete autocad project with quality, thickness and detailed installation procedures and calculation of thermal dispersion on the offered lining, installation timing and guidance lines about mecchanic carpentry that support refractories. [...]
Once we are sure to get the best value price performance is the moment of the proposal : the offer is completed with technical files that allow you to share our solutions. [...]
Let's Start
Here we are! Since the moment that you have chosen us, we want that the word Team will allow us to be linked together for the future. We will give it all to make it happen. [...]
Delta Refrattari supplies only refractory and anchoring materials but in the case of turn key project requested we use primary companies dislocated all around Italy. We guarantee a state of the art tecnical installation support for accuracy and well made work completed in the construction site. [...]
All the installed refractory must be regularly checked and repaired. Regular manteinance on refractory increases the life of it and allows to work always in safety conditions. We have many innovative products for the maintenance and the protection of refractory materials. Contact our technical service or point of sale for extra solutions. [...]

Raw Materials

Unfortunately in Italy don’t exist mines of raw refractory materials. We rely on foreign countries for 100%. Delta Refrattari imports many raw refractory materials like CA cements from 40% to 80%, bauxites, aluminas, clays, insulating fireclays and vermiculites.

Chemical analisys

We can do all the analysis on refractory: from physical tests to analysis for disposal class. The Sanac in Vado Ligure has one of the most advanced laboratories of research on refractories at the European level. Allied Usa one of the best in the world.

Precast shapes

We are perfectly organized to guarantee you the best quality on precast shapes. We work for decades with OEM sending precast shapes all round the world. We already produce a lot of different precast shapes. Our furnace can fire up precast shapes up to 4 x 2,5 meters.

Refractory Disposal

We work with the most professional waste companies on the territory and only after we have personally checked that every pass of process is realized on present legal norms, we recommend it to our clients for a 100% service.